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02/12/2022por Mentores

. A lot and for me, it is a little bit related to the wrist. I always say evaluate, and especially if at that time and if you did not have the advantage of seeing essentially how a decision works. Everything is difficult. Sometimes you think it`s the worst decision you could have made. I remember giving up, well, certainly giving up a career in Australia, moving to the Middle East and I remember that on the first day I arrived, it was one hundred and eighteen degrees outside. I walked into an office, I didn`t have a single client, not a single connection, not a brand, no reputation, and I sat there thinking, I didn`t know the laws, I didn`t know the language, and I dressed myself. Here I am. What did I do? I left the safest position where I was really in a safe position, I had a fantastic income and but with the benefit of time and the next six years, it was the highlight of my professional career and the greatest joy I had.

So, I always say at that time, what may seem like the worst thing is that the worst thing that could have happened to you ends up opening possibilities and doors. Anyway. So always evaluate something from your friends right now, let it play, because for me, this is often where learning grows and true potential is reached. That`s right. It seems like almost every big decision comes with buyers` remorse at some point. Usually, this guy takes this new job. Usually there`s a point, you know, after three weeks where you go, oh my God, what did I do? You know, almost everything I`ve hired, even the ones that turned out to be fantastic. A moment ago a few weeks later, two months after you Hians, we`re just, I`m not sure I did the right thing, and so sometimes you have to have your instincts and you didn`t do the right thing. But yes, often, it`s just that you just have to go to the other side. Last question. Anything that keeps you awake now.

It keeps me up at night now. I mean, I know I have kids, and so surely both guys are right, and one of them is about twelve. The other is in high school, and what will the world be like for them? Absolutely. I`m certainly worried that one of them is going to college, and it seems like I, you know, I think it`s definitely a time when you still have to go to college. For me from our elder, although you know, he is a computer guy and it is very doubtful that he learned more computer science inside or outside the university. But I think at that time, you`re still going to college today. I`m pretty sure that`s still true for my twelve-year-old son. When it`s time. I do not know if it will stay that way. And then, of course, you worry about macroeconomics and its size. These are very mundane worries about your children as something that all parents do, I think, all the time.

Me, you know, maybe because of my background. I`m very worried about macroeconomics, not the fact that stocks have fallen, you know, it`s from the summer peak. I worry about the amount of debt that the United States has created, its direction and its evolution? What does this mean for a child? I mean, what does that mean? What I think, yes, we borrowed a lot of money from these children. Yes, yes, we are what we should be doing. It`s funny, that`s exactly what we did. We should pay with whole wood for all the benefits we have. I was lucky. I became CFO at the bottom of the ladder, and then I hope I only drove one way from there and that`s true. But hey, that`s what it is. But at least yes, we were on the right track.

But I mean, I only think about this environment, which I`m sure has been the least known in recent years, thinks about a growth rate of sixty percent and then can reach nine percent. It`s an extreme, it`s amazing to trust. I like two years. Yes, it is the yes, yes, the deceleration and preservation of the city. The reacceleration, yes, has been slow. Yes, and if you`ve had a dangerous guess over the next few years, do you know that you don`t have a crystal ball and whether or not we`re going to go into recession? This is the debate of the day. But what is it? What do you think? What do you think of the coming years, especially for the impact, for example, of high-growth technology and software companies? I think there is no doubt that we are in a better position than we were at the beginning of the recession of two thousand and nine. I mean, I think there`s another set of problems and they`re for the real problems, but we, but there are macroeconomic problems that we just didn`t have that we have problems now, inflation and a and yes, war and an interest rate environment that will undoubtedly rise for a while, which was not the case at the time.

But I think companies are in better shape today than they were then. I think that`s sometimes a bit of an exaggeration. We`re all looking at where things stand, and you`re going to look at some of the SASS public stocks that have fallen fifty, sixty and seventy percent. But these numbers, everyone measures these numbers from a summer two thousand and twenty-one high. It was a very short, very crazy summit, and it`s getting more and more painful to look at it every day, but I look at it often and just think, how much profit have we lost from the point of view of time? And you`re going to look at some of these stocks and it`s like, oh my God, the stock fell sixty percent. But then, I said, I`m going to say, okay, so when do we have when are we late? How many years of profit have we just lost? And it`s often like, oh, we`ve fallen back into the spring of two thousand and twenty. An S price corrects this. It`s funny that you say that.

That`s exactly the goal I have when I look at this. I agree, so you`re back to where you were six months ago, twelve months ago, and if you look at the charts that usually put it from the top last spring, then you kind of remove it. But it was a very strong acceleration. It`s almost exponential when you see this Sha process, certainly since April two thousand twenty or two thousand twenty. When. So I think that`s fair. She is a lame man who looks like Madame`s Lady. What really looks like the anomaly is that two thousand and twenty April is about to fall from two thousand and twenty-one. This time it`s the super weird thing and I`m like the I think I think it`s wrong. There weren`t many SASS SOEs in recession, there were only a handful of them.

But right now, well, two things. Right now, a healthy-growing SASS business can grow by thirty or forty percent, whereas now there are companies that are still growing much faster, even at this point. And it was. That`s it, like you were trading with seven times the forward income, eight times the term income, and people thought it was crazy. And so now we`re in a completely different place. I don`t think we`ll be good again, I don`t think I`ll see multiples like we saw last spring and summer. It will be that we will intervene to see if we get, although I think we are now trading among the historical multipliers for SASS companies. The problem with historical multipliers for SASS companies, because they do not go back very far. Okay, these companies have you very big for them to deal with. That may have been the case fourteen years ago.

Yes, so it may be too distorted because yes, yes, I think that`s what we don`t really know what a normalized position is, essentially, don`t you have enough data to say what was, what`s really good? I hope it`s somewhere between seven and forty times forward, revenge. Yes, yes, yes, let`s change a bit. Roun. Tell me a little bit about that in your role, the Safe Oh, tell me about the relationships you`ve had with the legal team, the General Council more broadly. What does it look like? The good, the evil and the scandalous? Yes, tell me about that. Well, I think I`ve been lucky enough to work with some really good general advice. I am thinking of what the plural of General Council, General Councils, General Councils, General Councils, General Councils, I think, yes, it will count. General advice. I`ve been fortunate to work with some really good members, whether it`s as a CFO or even as an audit chair on a board where you also spend decent time with the General Council, and I`ve had moments in my career where lawyers have told me, Which is not necessarily something I would recommend.

But it did happen sometimes.