The Legal Concept of Blank Holds That Both Employer and Employee

02/12/2022por Mentores

(2) to any union organization or to any of its officers or employees that represents, attempts to represent or would admit to membership any of the employees of such an employer employed in an industry that influences trade; (b) All expenses of the Board, including all necessary travel and living expenses outside the District of Columbia, incurred by members or employees of the Board pursuant to its orders shall be approved and paid upon presentation of itemized invoices approved by the Board or such person as it may designate. (1) [documentary evidence; Summoning of witnesses and testimony] The Committee or its duly authorized representatives or bodies shall, at all reasonable times, have access to and have the right to copy all evidence of a person under investigation or action concerning a matter under investigation or matter. At the request of a party to such proceedings, the Commission, or a member of the Commission, shall promptly issue to that party summonses requiring the presence and testimony of witnesses or the production of evidence in connection with such proceedings or investigations. Within five days of service of a summons to appear on a person requesting the production of evidence in his possession or control, that person may request the Committee to revoke the summons, and the Commission shall revoke the summons if it considers that the evidence required is not relevant to any of the matters under investigation. or any other matter in dispute in such proceedings, or if, in the opinion of the Minister, such a summons does not describe with sufficient precision the evidence to be adduced. Any member of the board of directors or any agent or body designated by the board for such purposes may take an oath and give assurances, hear witnesses and receive evidence. Such witness presence and the presentation of such evidence may be required at any place in the United States or in a territory or in their possession at a particular location during the hearing. Paragraph 7. [§ 157.] Workers have the right to organize, to establish, join or support labour organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their choice and to participate in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual assistance or protection, and they also have the right to abstain from all or part of these activities: unless this right can be affected by an agreement requiring adherence to a collective agreement. Organization as a condition of employment in accordance with Article 8(a)(3) [Article 158(a)(3) of this Title].