Skirmish Definition Synonyms

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The postal strike has already shown us the deplorable disasters that even a skirmish can cause. In a broader sense, however, this skirmish also shows the growing importance of visual disinformation as a political tool. After several skirmishes between Apple and developers, regulators have begun to pay more attention to it. Nglish: Translation of skirmishes for Spanish speakers Encyclopedia article on skirmishes This is a high death toll for Hezbollah in a battle in Lebanon on its national territory. A skirmish is a small fight – more a dust than an all-out fight – and can refer to a physical fight or simply a war of words. But it`s definitely conflictual. In recent years, there have been skirmishes across the country over whether employers can require workers to get the flu shot. And earlier in the day, the 43-year-old had won the Précis and ended a Staten Island ferry skirmish. “Skirmishes Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 30 November 2022. Reinoehl shot Danielson late Saturday following street skirmishes between antifascists and right-wingers.

First, though, I`d like to give you a decoration to remind you of your role in this battle, Wes. A few kilometers from the city, near La Paz, the entrenched enemy was put to flight after a slight skirmish. As we understand in Mark 15:7, he was apparently an insurgent, an anti-Roman revolutionary, and had killed someone in battle. Think of a battle as a kind of mini-battle, although a military battle can end in losses. Yet, although such an encounter can be serious, even the word skirmish sounds light, like a stir in the breeze. Shakespeare described the combative nature of his characters Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing” as “a kind of happy war between Lord Benedick and her: they never meet, but there is a skirmish of wit between them.” As they approached Paris, they heard gunshots and noticed that a light battle was underway. Half an hour earlier, they had been caught in the middle of a mortar barrage during a skirmish with separatists. He was a simple boy who was seriously wounded and captured in a rash battle with some of our hussars. These early skirmishes will determine whether DeFi can live up to its ambitious potential as an open source alternative financial system. The brief skirmish between Hamas and Israel in 2012 also ended with Hamas still in power. One officer was killed in a skirmish with guerrillas.