Alaska Airlines Baggage Rules and Regulations

29/09/2022por Mentores

Instead of paying Alaska Airlines` checked baggage fee, you can pre-ship your baggage with Lugless. For as little as $15, LugLess allows you to create a FedEx or UPS shipping label that allows you to attach it to your bag and send it directly to your destination in the United States. Hi Rajinder – Please note that we are not Alaska Airlines. We are upgraded points, a website dedicated to creating content based on earning points/miles, as well as other travel-related items such as these baggage fee pages. No checked baggage can weigh more than 100 pounds when traveling with Alaska Airlines. If a bag weighs between 51 and 100 pounds, you will be charged a $100 fee for overweight luggage. Use a balance to make sure your luggage is not overweight before taking it to the airport. Some cards offer annual travel credits, which are like free money that you can use for travel-related purchases, including baggage fees. The Chase Sapphire Reserve, for example, allows members to reimburse $300 in travel expenses each year. Similarly, some American Express credit cards offer airline fee credits that can be used to reimburse you for Alaska Airlines baggage fees. According to the Alaska Airlines website, you should expect to pay $30 for your first checked baggage and $40 for your second checked baggage. If a piece of luggage weighs more than 50 pounds or measures between 63 and 115 linear inches, oversized baggage fees may apply. Alaska Airlines charges $100 to check in overweight or oversized baggage.

If you have linked all the tickets as part of your booking, they should all receive the baggage allowance. Thank you for reading! To obtain the required exemptions for these services, the active member must present a valid military ID. Relatives must present a valid military ID and travel orders to benefit from their exemption from baggage fees. Any baggage (including free checked baggage) that exceeds the allowed size or weight is subject to the additional charges listed below. Exception: sports equipment. Remember that we are not Alaska Airlines, so we cannot give you a direct answer. Our best advice is to measure your child`s scooter and match it with Alaska Airlines` baggage policies. You can also call Alaska Airlines directly.

Thank you for reading. If you`re like most travelers, you`ll want to save money on travel where it makes the most sense. When it comes to air travel, that means looking at the baggage fees you can face and whether there are ways around them. In some cases, upgrading your ticket may be the best choice. In other cases, you can get one of the best credit cards from the airline that offers the benefits you need. If you check in excess baggage with Alaska Airlines, you will pay $75 for your third piece of checked baggage and for each piece of checked baggage thereafter. If you`re flying with Alaska Airlines, the first piece of baggage you check in costs $30, your second checked bag costs $40, and each extra piece of luggage costs $100 each. Your baggage must weigh 50 pounds or less and have a maximum linear size of 62 inches if you want to avoid overweight and oversized baggage charges. Any carry-on baggage you bring with Alaska Airlines must have maximum dimensions of 22 ” x 14 ” x 9 “, including wheels and handles, or less than 45 ” if you add length + width + height to ensure it fits in the luggage compartment. Be sure to measure your suitcase after packing it to accurately assess whether it complies with free baggage regulations.

(If you`re looking for new luggage, check out our favorite carry-on bag.) Note: Applicable baggage allowances cannot be combined with other free baggage allowances. We waive standard baggage fees in the following cases: Apart from that, you can find the extra size above unless you are referring to a “personal item” – most airlines are vague about this definition and don`t give you a full size, which is why we`ve listed the dimensions as “undisclosed”. On their website, Alaska simply states that you will be “a personal item like a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag.” Alaksa Airlines states that Alaska Airlines World Elite® Mastercard cardholders® and up to 6 passengers traveling on the same reservation will receive free checked baggage. You can view this information on the Exceptions to Baggage Fees page. I have AAdvantage Platinum status. Can I check in baggage for a domestic flight with Alaska Airlines without paying the $30 fee? Does Alaska recognize the status of American Airlines passengers to qualify for a baggage fee exemption? Thank you for your information. Jack Hi Marcellino, the baggage fee is per person and depends on the type of fare (cabin class) you have purchased. For example, if there are four of you flying and you bought all the economy class tickets, each of your first pieces of luggage will cost $30 per person, which is equivalent to $120.

You can bring free carry-on luggage and a personal item when traveling with Alaska Airlines. However, checked baggage will cost you dearly. You pay $30 for your first checked baggage, $40 for check-in of your second piece of baggage and $100 each for extra baggage. The only exceptions are strollers and car seats, as well as medical and medical aids. You are also allowed to bring a box of pineapple if you are traveling to the United States from Hawaii. If you are traveling with items such as musical instruments and sports equipment, remember that these are subject to additional regulations. Alaska Airlines (AS) charges an additional $100.00 for luggage that is 63 to 115 linear inches or 160 to 292 centimeters.